Oh Bid Writer, tell me a story…

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Oh Bid Writer, tell me a story…

A great story, well told, makes a difference.

We read stories to children because we know it helps their development, and lets be honest we do it because we want to give them a competitive advantage at school and in life. The same logic applies in business; your story – where you came from, where you are going and how you are going to get there has the power to give your brand competitive advantage over rivals.

Your company had a beginning and no doubt a pretty interesting journey to get from then to here today; tell that story and engage us as readers, persuade us to join you on your evolution.

Extensive research proves that the brands that stand out are those with clarity and focus who make an emotional connection with their audience; in fact stories help define brands.

Now, lets make that real because I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard how storytelling is so essential to business success. In fact, I bet you want to know how this is relevant to your business and how do you actually make storytelling work for you.

Two simple ideas:

1) Look at your own website and no doubt there’s a link to a page ‘About Us’ or perhaps this is within the ‘Contact Us’ page. Do you want to race home tonight and tell your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or the person on the bus next to you or on the train ride home exactly what it says there?

2) Or, is there a page on your website that says ‘What our customers think about us’ – is this the first place you go to when a future client says “prove you can do a good job”? How often do you use Case Studies to show-off how well you satisfied a client?

Case studies and the page on your website that describes ‘About us’ are absolutely ideal platforms to present persuasive accounts of your story, your competitive advantages – what makes you different and special, why that client that is reading about you, should pick up the phone, send you an email and become motivated to get in touch.

We can help tell your stories to win you business – we convince organisations that our clients are their best solution through persuasive writing. We write bids and tenders; proposals; case studies, I could go on … but I can’t wait any longer to get home and tell my kids the story behind JIP ROOKE LTD.

Get in touch and let us start to impress.

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