We really are experts in what we do:

  • Where we work as a consultancy to project manage a bid, our bid win ratio is 76%
  • Where we provide in-house training or interim consultancy support, we have immediately made a positive impact on bid processes and win rates
  • Every client we have worked with now considers us their first choice bidding expert

Don’t just take our word for it…

JIP ROOKE played a major role in helping St Giles Trust shape our strategy and delivery in adapting to the seismic and systemic opportunities Transforming Rehabilitation brought to us to potentially roll out, at scale, the unique St Giles Trust ‘Peer Advisor’ model. The process certainly had its complexity, multiplied with our desire to work with several Tier One providers in a multitude of CPAs (Contract Package Ares). Antony’s determination, professionalism and experience was a definite bid differentiator and helped make us become a major force for better delivery solutions across the providers and areas where we want to deliver our award winning work. He fitted in extremely well with our Senior Management team and has certainly gained their respect for the quality of his doing and thinking. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Antony and his company JIP ROOKE

ROB OWEN, Chief Executive, St Giles Trust


I was faced with an extremely tight deadline, a submission which needed to hit all the right buttons and sense of confusion!  Tony responded quickly and efficiently with only a very brief project overview from me and answers to some probing and pertinent questions.  Tony produced a compelling submission which clearly evidenced his knowledge and experience in successfully applying for public funds.  I will, without doubt, want to work with Tony again!



JIP ROOKE built up an excellent portfolio of work that has allowed us to win new business on numerous occasions and continues to demonstrate real value-add.

Finance client


After we qualified the bid and decided to go for the opportunity, JIP ROOKE organised the response requirements and made it clear what I needed to do. They worked seamlessly, handing over between departments i.e. legal and HR effectively. They kept me on track, making the process efficient and easy.

Technology client


I have no hesitation in applauding JIP ROOKE’s work with St GilesTrust over the last twelve months. As a charity, we use consultancy services rarely and when we do it reflects the importance of the task in hand. We therefore choose these services carefully as they not only need to have the authority, knowledge and skills to help us achieve our objective but also need to have a full understanding and awareness of the type of charity we are and in particular how our approach to delivery and culture is underpinned by the employment of well trained, committed, passionate ex-service users. Antony ticked all these boxes with aplomb and in supporting us through the complexity and scale of the Transformation Rehabilitation procurement programme he has placed us in the strongest position we could have hoped for. One of Antony’s key strengths is his friendly and open approach to building professional relationships combined with a tenacity to get the best possible deal for his client. This has meant that we have secured offers for potential work which met all our commercial and operational criteria whilst at the same time enhancing our reputation for integrity, commitment and transparency. Antony has, therefore, helped us to lay down foundations not just for potential contract offers but for longer term working relationships – value beyond what we could have expected. I therefore recommend Antony and JIP Rooke for those who want success now and in the long term.

ANDY CROSS, Director of Services, St Giles Trust


Wonderful. The bid stood out from the others, it was really well-organised and we could instantly navigate through each section, awarding marks for relevant and coherent answers that met our requirements. It made our decision easy.

Local authority procurement dept

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